Belle and Simon / by Brooke Porter

Belle and Simon's wedding was by far the most inspiring wedding I have ever attended. This loving couples wedding location was on the same river they had first met years ago when they were both leading rafting trips. Now spread out across the river bank was rows and rows of tents belonging to their dearest family and friends, ready to spend the weekend on the river and celebrate the love of these two sweethearts. Volleyball nets and board games were set out, hammocks hung by the water, and hiking trails to secret swimming holes were readily available. Rattle snakes had been caught and near forest fires put out. That morning all the women attending the wedding gathered in the shade to share an offering for the bride. Each woman brought a bead and went around in a circle sharing words of wisdom and offering blessings. The beads would later on be made into a neckless for Belle. The men attending the wedding spent the afternoon hiking and swimming together. The bridesmaids created a makeshift changing room for the bride in the woods. Fully equipped with a full length mirror, generator, rug, and chair. As the sun lowered in the sky family and friends gathered in front of Forever Eddy. A gorgeous river eddy where the water recirculated over and over again. The chuppa was made out of four wooden raft paddles and a crochet piece of fabric on top that was once a wedding gift to an aunt and uncle. Belle and Simon literally stood in the water as they recited their vows. Not only did this couple have vos for each other but also for mother earth. After the ceremony the couple jumped into their raft  and headed down the river with a just married sign hanging off the back. A beautiful evening followed with an Argentine Asado, piñatas, and lots of dancing in the river sand. The full moon finally rose after a long day near the summer solstice.