The Birth of Little Nazanin / by Brooke Porter

Dar a luz,  to give light, doula to the great awakening may these medicine songs lead you to an enraptured state of creation. Following in the footsteps of mothers that came before you, sisters guide sisters as they reenact the natural rhythms of our bodies. One can’t help but to embody remnants of ancestral stardust in the process.  An intrinsic type of knowledge pulling at a distant but all so familiar memory. Nurturing wisdom through the opening portal of life. Hip bones forming the natural cradle within our bodies, nestled into the sacral chakra of creation. She brings forth the light.

It was such an honor to help document the birth of little Nazanin. It now makes sense to me why in Spanish we use the term dar a luzsynonymous for giving light to mean birth. An unfathomable amount of light entered the world that day. Joy, tears, laughter all fled into the hospital room. We document so much of our lifes, but rarely the moment we enter it. I hope that these photographs can one day be a great gift to little Nazanin. May she celebrate her mothers strength, the smiles that greeted her when she entered the world, and the three generations of women that were present.