Sacred Womb / by Brooke Porter

For years I have been completely swept away by the work of birth photographers.  In a world where we document so much, the precious moment of birth is rarely captured. I'm not talking about documenting the moment where a child's head appears from the sacred womb. Birth photography's magic lies in the subtle moments, loved ones face expressions as they see the child for the first time,  hands grasping between contractions, tears of joy. Its about documenting what for many years was a sacred ritual, reclaiming the beauty of birth. I have been blessed to help my friend Leslie document her pregnancy (featured below) and have also been given the opportunity to assist women and doulas involved in Oakland's Hatch organization photograph their births. Hatch is helping to build resilient communities by training young mothers as doulas, who in return help to assist other young mothers through their birthing process. I feel very honored that so many women have trusted me to tell their stories and look forward to these new and exciting photographic endeavors.